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1920’s Hairstyles
A collection of 1920’s photographs, depicting some of the hairstyles of the time, like the kiss curl, the orchid bob, the charleston cut, coconut bob, earphones hairstyle, cottage loaf (bun) and popular styles you’ll probably never see in a period drama like extreme windblown style, the frizzy hairstyle and the Poodle cut.

Victorian Hairstyles Here [x] | Edwardian Hairstyles Here [x] | 1930’s Hairstyles Here [x] | WW2 Hairstyles Here [x]

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If Stuntmen from the old movies don’t have your full respect then I just don’t know what to say to you

Yo this so much. At the advent of cinema these people were literally willing to die for their art. It’s crazy, and awesome.

Also if you find this awesome, people go check out a 2006 movie called The Fall, about a 1920’s stuntman’s stay in hospital after a stunt gone wrong.

man things were wacky before color was invented

is nobody going to mention that these are all the same guy; Buster Keaton, one of the sweetest and most creative men in film history who did all of his own stunts and directed almost all of his own films (until things went sour post-1928 but that’s another story)?

also in that last one he wasn’t supposed to miss the building; you are literally seeing a stunt going wrong, but they kept it in the film and built on it, extending the scene to having him falling down the building… after he’d recovered from the injuries he sustained, anyway


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